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A wide range of heat pumps and more in Palmerston North

Have a question to ask one of our team? Before you run off to the phone, make sure to check out the FAQs below. We have compiled some of the most common questions we get here at Stone Climate Control for your convenience. If your question isn’t listed there or you require a more in-depth answer, you can always feel free to give us a call today, or get in touch via the information on the contact page.

Do you offer finance?

Yes, we do, through Gilrose Finance to customers that meet their lending criteria. We'd hate for you to miss out the most appropriate system because of cost. You'll never regret the investment.

What is a heat pump?

A heat pump (or air conditioner) is an extremely efficient appliance that will heat your home in the winter and cool your home in the summer. Each heat pump also has a dehumidifying function that filters the air as it is circulated.

Do you offer to service?

The filters in your heat pump need to be cleaned every 2 - 4 weeks depending on how dusty your house is. This can be done with a vacuum cleaner. However, it's wise to have your unit serviced annually, which we can do for only $120 in. GST. We'll thoroughly clean the pump, sanitise filters, change remote batteries and anything else required to ensure your system is always operating at its best and most efficient. A comprehensive maintenance programme for businesses can also be arranged.

How does a heat pump work?

Instead of making heat energy, a heat pump actually moves it. A small amount of electricity is used only to drive the heat pump. When it's on heating mode, it transfers heat energy from the outside of a house to the inside. When it is on cool, it does the opposite and transfers the heat energy from inside to outside. It's hard to believe, but even during the coldest winter night, there is still plenty of heat energy in the outside air to be transferred to the house. And all this can be accurately controlled to achieve the desired room temperature.

What is an inverter heat pump?

Toshiba invented the inverter heat pump as a more efficient system than the standard. An inverter heat pump varies the electrical supply to the motor either by speeding it up or slowing it down, depending on demand, whereas standard pumps are either on or off. As the present temperature is reached, instead of stopping the motor, it slows down to a very low speed to maintain the required temperature.

What sized room can one unit heat/cool?

This depends on the size of unit. An average unit can improve the comfort of a space up to 100 metres square. Perhaps it's best to give us a call to discuss the dimensions of your house.

I’m planning on building a new home. how does a heat pump compare with other heating for efficiency and cost?

A heat pump is up to four times more efficient than electric heating. This is because an electric heater uses 1KW of power to produce 1KW of heat. A heat pump uses1KW of power and can produce 4KW of heat. Heat pumps cost less that half the price of gas heaters.

How long does it take to install a system?

This depends on the size of the system, though we prefer to be in and out of the site in one day. At the end of that day, your heat pump will be working! With new houses, businesses or larger ducted systems it could take a day or so longer.

Will your workmanship be guaranteed?

Absolutely. As approved installers, all work is guaranteed and covered by a 5-year parts and labour warranty. This is backed up with an electrical certificate of compliance. All staff place major importance on our response to any problems that may occur.

If my heat pump breaks down will it have to be removed to fix it?

Not typically, as we can fix most things easily and prefer to disrupt clients lives as little as possible.

Is a heat pump suitable to use in a house where someone has asthma?

Yes because Toshiba Heat Pumps purify the air using air ionising filters. Effectively a heat pump traps and kills harmful bacteria and pollens, distributing only beautifully fresh air throughout your home.

Can a heat pump be installed in an older property?

Yes, absolutely. Most installations are into existing homes. There are typically a few unique limitations in every home, but we love a challenge!

What is better, a pump for each room or fully ducted?

This depends on your home and lifestyle. We're happy to visit and use our experience to tailor a solution to your particular needs.

Are there properties where a heat pump system is not suitable?

Very rarely. There are cost effective alternatives and we are well equipped to advise on these.

Have more questions? Just call us on 06 329 2535

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